What is iProcrastinate?

iProcrastinate is a simple, effective task manager for the Mac and iOS. Intuitive features and a streamlined design help you track and finish all your projects, chores, and miscellaneous checklists.



iProcrastinate is available on your Mac, on your iPhone, and now – on your iPad. Rendering beautifully on the retina display, your upcoming and high-priority tasks are easy to spot. With a content-focused design and an intuitive experience, you’ll feel at home on any device. Your tasks seamlessly sync across devices using iCloud, eliminating the need to email or print your tasks to take them with you.


iProcrastinate offers a sleek, intuitive user interface that paints a clear picture of your upcoming tasks, sans clutter. View at-a-glance tasks due today, upcoming tasks, any partially-completed step-based tasks, and more. Getting things done has never been this addicting – or this beautiful.

iCloud and Dropbox Syncing

Automatically keep your tasks in sync across all your devices with iCloud. iProcrastinate can (if you’re signed in) automatically store your tasks in the cloud, pushing any changes to all your Mac and iOS devices. You can optionally sync to Dropbox manually, syncing all your other devices to pull down changes, or sync locally via Bonjour to any devices on the same wireless network.


Let’s face it, some projects are so daunting, we put them off for longer than we should. Breaking large tasks into smaller chunks with steps encourages progress, and provides a more accurate representation of the actual status. (Files added to tasks on the Mac are not available on your iOS devices.)


Use predefined groups to manage your tasks. Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Overdue, Upcoming, Starred, and All Tasks – these groups can be enabled/disabled from the main screen to help categorize your upcoming tasks, and alert you to any higher-priority todos, or any that have slipped your mind and are beyond their due date.


A gorgeous calendar view provides a visual representation of your tasks, and can optionally show you your completed tasks to see how on-track you are. Tasks are colored by their subject, making it easy to spot any trends or identify lacking areas.

Easy Editing and Recurring Tasks

Edit tasks easily, assigning priority, notes, and more. Any tasks that occur repeatedly can be assigned to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. No more forgetting to take the trash out, or forgetting to buy Aunt Margaret a birthday gift.