iProcrastinate Support


A lot of work goes into ensuring that iProcrastinate is stable and speedy on all your devices – but despite best efforts, bugs still survive to frolic in released code.

It is always my intention to ensure that any issues you encounter are addressed quickly and painlessly. If you think you’ve encountered a bug, or have a question not answered here, do not hesitate to email me:


General Help

Some of my Tasks are disappearing? (or, I save a Task, and it disappears!)

If your just-created Repeating Task disappeared, don’t fret. In the Settings (on the iPhone) or the Preferences (on the Mac), you can limit how far in the future iProcrastinate looks to find Repeating Tasks. The default is 1 or 2 weeks, depending on your version. If you created a Task that occurs 3 weeks from now (for example), by default, it will not appear until the date is closer.

Feel free to tweak this preference until your Tasks appear.

When Syncing, I see “Invalid Versions” or “Connection Refused”?
If you see an invalid versions error, you should check to make sure you’re running the most recent versions of iProcrasinate on all your devices.

The releases can occassionally lag each other by a couple hours. If you’re experiencing a “versions” error, please try the update again in a little while, and email me if you see no updates.

If you see a connection refused error, first make sure that the Sync window is open on both devices. If you are automatically accepting sync requests from known devices on your Mac, your iPhone or other device may not be a “known device.” Try syncing with the Sync window open on your Mac.

Syncing Help

How To Sync using Dropbox

If you want to sync using Dropbox, you must first register for a (free!) Dropbox account:

Register Here (It’s Free!)

Once you have created an account, you can enter your credentials in iProcrastinate. (They will NOT be stored, only used to generate an authentication key.)

Every time you manually sync to Dropbox, the data on your device is compared with the data on Dropbox, then synced. To sync changes (over Dropbox) between your Mac and iPhone, you should sync your Mac to Dropbox, then your iPhone. (Or vice versa.)

How To Sync using Local Devices (Bonjour)
Take a quick peek at this Vimeo video that demonstrates syncing:

Devices Aren’t Finding Each Other

If your devices aren’t finding each other (for Local Device syncing) here are a few tips to try:

  1. Connect both devices to the same WiFi network. (This is a requirement for ‘Local Device’ syncing.) If this is a university, public, or hotel network, then firewalls and other network configuration issues can prevent iProcrastinate from communicating properly.
  2. Ensure the Sync or Devices window is open on both devices at the same time, unless you’ve enabled (in the Preferences on the Mac version) automatic sync requests.
  3. Try using the Dropbox Syncing instead, as it transmits your data over the internet as opposed to your local network.